How far crossbow shoot? The best way to Improve Shooting Range

The crossbow, an excellent invention of ancient times was firstly used in china nearly 2500 years ago. Most historians and military soldiers wrote in their books that the crossbow was although a slow weapon but was very powerful equipment to assassinate enemies. Besides, its use on battlefields, it is also used in hunting. Likewise, today almost everyone knows about the crossbow as people usually operate it as a recreation. So, if you love to use crossbows or want to use them then this blog is surely made for you as it will familiarize you with the shooting range of crossbows and how can you improve it.

So before understanding, let us find the correct definition of a crossbow.

As shown in the picture;

A crossbow is a powerful weapon that contains a bow fixed on a piece of wood acting as a gun, as it allows the arrow to be released with maximum speed just like the gun allows the bullet.



Although crossbows are being used for several years these were not that much efficient as they are today. Over the years manufacturers have improvised their working capacity.

Working of a crossbow:

How far crossbow shoot? The best way to Improve Shooting Range

There is a little bit of difference in the working mechanism of a crossbow and a general bow. In the general bow, you need plenty of force to get potential force. In simple words, manual force is required in this regard.

Meanwhile, in crossbows, manual force is not essential to set the arrow for fire.

The elastic potential is created when we cock a crossbow. After firing the cock this elastic potential energy converts into kinetic energy so that our bolt gains maximum speed.

How far a crossbow can shoot?

How far crossbow shoot? The best way to Improve Shooting Range

It is estimated that professional hunters can shoot in a range of 80 yards. But accuracy in this range is not absolute as it is not as easy as archery tournaments in which you have to shoot on a 3D-printed target. Normally, people shoot between the range of 30 yards to 50 yards for ethical hunting.

Accuracy in shooting a crossbow depends more on the person’s expertise and the nature of the crossbow, still, the quality of the crossbow has some influence on it. In random shooting, you can reach up to 500 yards but if you want accuracy then you must not exceed up to 80/90 yards (record accuracy in crossbow shooting is 200 yards). And if you are a noob you should start from  25/30 yards. Out of this range, the chances of inaccuracy will increase.

Measurement of crossbow speed:

How far crossbow shoot? The best way to Improve Shooting Range

We measure the speed and distance of the crossbow shot in FPS (feet per second). If a crossbow has 400fps it means that the arrow of the crossbow after shooting will cover the distance of 400 feet within a second. The average range in this regard is 280 to 350 fps. You can hit the crucial part of an animal such as a heart within the range of 280/350.

But now due to advancement 400 and 500 fps is also present for better ethical hunting.

Besides the range of the crossbow several elements can cause distraction of the crossbow arrow so let us discuss them one by one:

Weather effect:

To examine whether your crossbow performance enriches or not by changing weather severity you must operate the crossbow on different targets. A well-manufactured crossbow does have not much effect in cold temperatures.

But if your crossbow is of high quality then you must see a fine distance in hot and cold weather. For this, you need to set a target at a certain distance and then shoot it in different weather. You will see the difference truly.

Poor maintenance:

People took their crossbows in a wardrobe for several years and then after many years they use them and are surprised that why they are not performing efficiently. To operate a gadget must require its proper maintenance.

When you purchase it you must receive accessories and instructions for proper maintenance of the crossbow. It includes;

  • Frayed string condition
  • Oiling the trigger box and all bolts
  • Lubricating the rail
  • And waxing the string

Whatever instructions are demanding from you do that. It will surely improve the reliability of your crossbow over the years without repairing it.

Lining up properly:

While shooting you must feel comfortable and have proper space for shooting the crossbow bolt. Before shooting you must focus on lining up the crossbow properly. Major inaccuracy occurs due to unsuitable hold of crossbow that one limb is lower than the other one. This proper holding of the crossbow also depends on its length and weight of it. Like if your crossbow is oversize as compared to your height it will be difficult for you to carry it properly or in an adequate alignment.

To get rid of this problem, all you need is to practice as shooting a four-legged target is not an easy task.

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Improper cocking method:

The crossbow must be cocked straight every time. The serving must be at the center when the crossbow is fully cocked and locked. If cock is off the center then it will never target the prey. Either it will pass left or right. To release your arrow straight you must cock it in the center.

You can use a marker to point on the rails when the string is at rest. By using this you will be able to cock your crossbow with equal distance on both sides.

Using inappropriate arrows:

Carbon Crossbow Bolts and Crossbow Broadheads Set


You must use those arrows which are recommended by the crossbow manufacturer having a standard length and weight. While shooting you must have a grip on your arrow velocity. Lighter arrows cover more distance than a heavier ones. But speed is not all you need in hunting. The arrow must have a high speed with perfect accuracy. A mere high speed will give you nothing.

Most people use aluminum, carbon, or any specific material depending upon the nature of the crossbow or the recommendations of its manufacturer.

Before purchasing arrows you must take a spin test of accuracy and speed. The arrow (bolt) must be straight and erect. Accuracy also depends on the shaft. If the shaft is bent then it will never go straight.

Good quality scope:

You need to invest in purchasing high-quality scope as it incredibly enhances your shooting. Scope makes the target more uncomplicated to shoot as it zooms up it. Various scopes are available in this regard but I will recommend you 1-inch tube with a 32mm optical lens in it. 4x scope will be perfect in this regard. It can be adjustable from 2x to 4x. Enhances the quality of the view. Two types of crossbows are;

  • Multi-cross hair scope
  • Multi-dot crosshair scope

All scopes are good for hunting but mounting them properly is more important. If your scope is not attached properly to your crossbow it will not give benefit you.

Besides these errors, some obstructions usually occur by nature. We must consider them too while shooting with a crossbow.

Influence of kinetic energy:

Most of the kinetic energy of crossbow arrows is lost at the time when they hit the target. It is usually 10 to 25 percent kinetic energy per 50 yards. So if you extend beyond this limit kinetic energy becomes lesser and lesser.

Loss of kinetic energy further depends upon the nature of the arrow as mentioned above. The heavier the arrow the greater will be the loss in kinetic energy. If the lost kinetic energy arrow hits the target it will never that much penetrate so the prey will not die on the spot.

Potential resistance:

More away from the target more chances to distract from it. Besides the loss of speed and dramatic decrease in kinetic energy other obstructions can also occur between the arrow and the target. It can be in form of other animals or trees and bushes that can distract the chances of a perfect shoot. Even the slightest touch of anything can divert the accuracy of the arrow.

Wind interference:

For short distances, the wind does not interfere between arrow and target but if you exceed the limit beyond 40 yards then it will be problematic for you. Sometimes, the wind where you stand is negligible at the place of the target it blows in a considerable amount sufficient to distract your arrow. So, if the wind is blowing with its full worth it will distract your arrow efficiently in return you will lose your target.

Hunting setup of crossbow:

How far crossbow shoot? The best way to Improve Shooting Range



Uncocked crossbows are much wider than cocked ones. It requires plenty of space to recock it to the position where it is ready to operate.

It means you should not only be concerned with the target but also set your surrounding for a proper shot.

The best way to improve shooting range:

  • Check your bolt before shooting
  • Learn to load your bolt safely
  • Practice taking regular breathing
  • Practice watching through the scope
  • Select the right broadhead of the bolt

Let us explore these ways one by one;

Check your bolt before shooting:

Never use a damaged crossbow bolt. Your crossbow bolt must be free of any dent, flaw, or crack ss dented bolt will never target accurately. Sometimes, using a damaged crossbow bolt proves to be dangerous for you. Just like, if a cracked or dented carbon crossbow bolt is used, it will shatter on release and can be injurious to yourself.

If a bolt seems to be ok for use, still you need to check it by shooting.

Also, inspect the crossbow nock before using it. If everything is perfect then proceed further with shooting.

Learn to load your bolt safely:

To load the bolt safely, hold the crossbow bolt with your index, middle, and thumb toward the front, close to the field point. Your fingers are kept out of the way of the bowstring when you are holding the bolt in this manner. The front of the bolt must be lowered into the barrel’s groove by inserting one of the vanes into the barrel’s flight groove and sliding the nock end of the bolt under the arrow retention spring or brush. When you feel the nock stop against the bowstring, keep slipping the bolt shaft into the string slot of the trigger box. Check the nock and bowstring for good contact visually, if at all feasible. Consult the crossbow’s owner’s manual from the manufacturer for information on how to load the bolts and safety precautions specific to your model.

Practice to take regular breathing:

Your bolt can be distracted by irregular breathing. As while breathing, we move slightly and that movement is sufficient to divert the accuracy of an arrow (bolt). So to avoid this inconvenience you need to practice to take regular breathing.

Moreover, while shooting the pressure applied on the crossbow gives you a slight jerk. Which can be the reason to distract your bolt from the target. To avoid such obstructions, apply the trigger softly and gently so that minor pressure will occur and causes no jerk.

Practice watching through the scope:

You are not done after releasing the bolt. You must focus on the bolt till it reaches the target and examines whether it hits the target or not. If you fail to shoot the target so keep watching and realize why you failed in your attempt. Keep trying with more power and strength.

Choose right broadhead of bolt:

You must choose the right broadhead of your bolt that will suit your practice. I recommend you choose the same broadhead throughout. So that you have good practice with that broadhead. Two types of broadheads are being used i.e.

  • Fixed-blade broadhead
  • Mechanical broadhead

Both of them are recommended by different hunters.

Some safety rules you need to know:

  • Keep the crossbow away from children. Always keep it in a safe place.
  • Make sure while cocking the crossbow, the arrow must face the ground.
  • Your crossbow must be unloaded while not in use. Make sure to keep it in the crossbow stand.
  • Never fire a crossbow without a bolt.
  • Once you load your crossbow do not face it towards any person. Make sure your bolt must be straight in your direction.
  • Once you load your crossbow, never dare to unload or uncock it manually. If you want to unload the crossbow you must shoot the bolt.
  • Use correct bolts that are recommended by the manufacturer or instructor. Never use the wrong bolts

Wrapping up the whole discussion we can say that the crossbow although the invention of primitive people is still in use by professional hunters. You can target the animal up to 50 yards after practice. Always keep in mind the instructions that are given. Take care of your crossbow if you want to enhance the accuracy.

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