What Can Result When Attempting to Draw Back a Bow That Has Too Much Draw Weight?

At this time and age when everything is moving too fast, it is very important that each and every member of a household acquires a hobby in order to have the means to de-stress. A great number of people believe that this can be achieved through the practice of crossbow. Yet, one still wonders: what can result when attempting to draw back a bow that has too much draw weight?

In this article, allow us to provide you with all the basic knowledge that you need to know when it comes to practicing crossbow, including its many different parts and some of the major rules and regulation followed in this type of hobby.

What is a Crossbow?

What Can Result When Attempting to Draw Back a Bow That Has Too Much Draw Weight?


Basically, a crossbow is a type of weapon that functions like a modernized version of the traditional bow and arrow. However, compared to its older counterpart, a crossbow shoots much shorter projectiles that are called bolts or quarrels.

Although it sometimes looks like a very complicated weapon, a crossbow actually works in a rather simple way. The firing mechanism is composed of a lever attached to the bow. Simply pull the lever until such the point where the bow is fixed. Once the lever is released, it fires out a projectile that can sometimes reach an approximate distance of 360 meters.

If you seek to find out more interesting information about the cool mechanism that is a crossbow, check out what we have gathered for you below.

Two Main Types of Crossbows

What Can Result When Attempting to Draw Back a Bow That Has Too Much Draw Weight?


Recurve Crossbow

When you look at a recurve crossbow, you will notice that the tips are actually curved away from you. As a result, it can offer a draw length that is longer than what traditional bows can do. Yet, the additional stress on the bow causes a recurve crossbow to make more noise during firing as compared to its counterpart.

When you take a close look at a modern recurve crossbow, you can see that it is made with a mix of heavy-duty yet lightweight composite materials including fiberglass and carbon foam. The shape of this crossbow makes it quite unstable on the hands, so it needs to be operated only by seasoned archers.

Recurve Crossbow

Compound Crossbow

Another type of modern reimagined bow and arrow is called the compound crossbow. Compared to the recurve, this type of crossbow has a much stiffer limb, making it easier to handle as it requires only a small amount of effort to fire. It is also more energy-efficient than the other kind of crossbow.

Both the compound and recurve crossbows can be used for hunting, target shooting, and other outdoor similar outdoor activities. You just need to find out which one is best suited to match your every need and personal preference.

What is Bow Draw Weight and Length?

What Can Result When Attempting to Draw Back a Bow That Has Too Much Draw Weight?


When it comes to archery, there are two main facts that you need to keep in mind before going into battle—the draw weight and length. By this time, you should already be knowledgeable when it comes to how crossbows work. But, how do you operate it exactly? You can start by simply knowing about both the draw weight and length.

Compound Crossbow

Draw Length

This pertains to the distance between the nock point and the throat of the grip, plus one and three quarters. Most often than not, this number also dictates the length of the arrow that should be needed.

To find out what your draw length is, measure the distance from your left middle finger all the way to your right middle finger while your arms are fully stretched out. After you have measured it, subtract 15 and then divide the answer by 2. The result will be your draw length.

Draw Weight

The draw weight relates to the highest possible amount of weight that the archer has to pull in order to draw the bow properly. Top-quality, high-performance bows can stay longer at its peak weight, thereby storing more energy every draw cycle.

For beginners, it is expected that they be able to handle pulling approximately 10 pounds more of weight every week. It might take a couple of weeks of adjustment before calm, quiet, and increased energy kick in. For a small child that weighs around 50 to 70 pounds, the draw weight should be about 10 to 15 pounds.

On the other hand, average men weighing approximately 150 to pounds 180 should expect to have a draw weight of nothing like 40 to 65 pounds. Those over 180 pounds is expected to give a draw weight of 60 to 70 pounds.

What Can Result When Attempting to Draw Back a Bow That Has Too Much Draw Weight?

What Can Result When Attempting to Draw Back a Bow That Has Too Much Draw Weight?


When it comes to archery, it is very important that you know the amount of draw weight is suitable for your body type. For beginners, be very careful and stick to using a lightweight bow instead of something that is too heavy. Drawing a bow that is too hefty for your weight poses really bad risks you might not want to gamble on.


Firstly, there is an increased possibility of getting serious back injuries because of the stress that is put on it even when it cannot handle that much.

Incorrect Archery Techniques

Secondly, if you do not follow the correct and proper way to draw a bow into place, you will develop a set of wrong archery techniques. When your whole body is focused on holding the draw weight that is too heavy for you, you will for sure have a hard time aiming at your target.

Decreased Fun

Practicing archery is a fun activity that should be enjoyed instead of feared. While we understand that most people become overwhelmed by the look of a crossbow, it actually works in a very simple and fun way. All that is needed to be done is to follow the instructions on how to properly operate a crossbow, and you are good to go.

So, what can result when attempting to draw back a bow that has too much draw weight? Many possible things, actually. Nonetheless, in the end, everything comes down to safety—both yours and those around you. This is why it is very important that you go through the proper training before getting your own shooting or hunting gears yourself.

Final Words

Similar to any other activity, archery can look a little complicated when first looked at. However, keep in mind that if you really want to do something, then the time and effort asked for in order to master it will always be worth it at the very end.

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