Rage Crossbow Broadheads Review 2024

Serious crossbow hunters looking to up their game need to carefully consider their broadhead choice. Rage has earned a reputation among bowhunters for relentless penetration power and bone-crushing expansion thanks to innovative blade technology. As we look ahead to the 2024 hunting season, Rage continues pushing the boundaries of broadhead performance.

This in-depth review will analyze Rage’s crossbow broadhead offerings best suited for hunting in 2024. We will compare and contrast the features and real-world performance of Rage’s CrossbowX, CrossbowX Mechanical, and new Hypodermic models to help you choose the right broadhead to take down big game this year.

By the end, you’ll fully understand Rage’s crossbow broadhead lineup and confidently decide which option best aligns with your hunting needs and style for unmatched accuracy and lethal power downrange.

Overview of Rage Crossbow Broadheads

ModelTypeCut Diameter# of Blades
CrossbowX MechanicalMechanical2” (1 1⁄8” flight)3
HypodermicFixed1 1/8″2
Rage Crossbow Broadheads

Now let’s dive deeper into how these broadheads differ in design and on-target performance.

Rage CrossbowX Review

Diameter2-inch cut
Mass Weight100 grain
FerruleSteel ferrule + rear venting
Rage CrossbowX

The original CrossbowX fixed-blade model arguably put Rage broadheads on the map, becoming an instant favorite among crossbow users. The 2-inch cut diameter inflicts maximum damage coupled with Rage’s proprietary Shock Collar Technology limiting friction upon impact.

The three .039-inch stainless steel blades slide back in the ferrule during flight to align the cutting edges before violently deploying on contact. Rear venting through the ferrule further reduces air drag and turbulence. At 100 grains, the compact head flies true behind today’s fastest crossbows.

The stainless steel cut-on-contact tip also powers through bone effortlessly and retains durability over repeated impacts. Overall the original CrossbowX model offers extreme penetration power and massive tissue damage in a compact profile. The only downside is somewhat limited single-season reuse compared to Rage mechanicals before recommended replacement.


  • Proven bone-busting penetration
  • Devastating 2” cutting diameter
  • Smooth flight from vented ferrule
  • Durable cut-on-contact tip


  • Limited reusable compared to mechanicals
  • Some hunters prefer more FOC weight

Bottom Line: Tested and proven fixed-blade design built specifically for crossbow accuracy and power.

Rage CrossbowX Mechanical Review

Diameter2″ (1 1/8″ flight)
Mass Weight100 grain
FerruleAluminum + O-ring seals

Serious hunters choosing mechanical broadheads appreciate the extreme retained sharpness and multiple-season reusability compared to fixed models. Rage’s CrossbowX Mechanical option delivers all the desired benefits of a multi-blade expandable along with enhanced airflow resulting in field-point accuracy.

Rather than steel, the three .039” cutting blades are ceramic-coated stainless steel. They remain fully contained downrange for a 1 1/8-inch diameter flight before violently expanding to 2” on impact thanks to Rage’s Rear-Deploy Arc System. Watertight o-ring seals prevent premature deployment as well.

The aluminum ferrule keeps the total head weight comfortably at 100 grains for flawless arrow flight. It also holds up better than plastic ferrules over long-term use. As with all mechanicals, durability depends on properly resharpening and replacing elements like the retention bands each season. But when used properly, the Mechanical CrossbowX pays dividends through surgical precision and reusable longevity.


  • Fly true groups like field points
  • Ceramic blade coatings = last 3X longer
  • 2” diameter injury channel
  • Replaceable components for multiple-season use


  • Requires more maintenance than fixed blades
  • Not as durable as steel ferrules

Bottom Line: Smart choice balancing reusable sharpness and field point accuracy from a mechanical design made for crossbows.

Rage Hypodermic Review

Diameter1 1/8″
Mass Weight125 grain
FerruleStainless steel
Rage Hypodermic

New for 2023, Rage introduces its Hypodermic crossbow model answering hunters’ desire for a heavy fixed-blade broadhead packing maximum kinetic energy for unmatched penetration. The streamlined head features just two .035” main blades strategically curved and sharpened for surgical slicing.

The swept back blade angle also centers energy behind the razor-cutting tip with swivel collar ensuring intact alignment through the heaviest bone impacts. At 125 grains, the Hypodermic floats heavier arrows optimizing front-of-center weight distribution critical for crossbow accuracy.

While only leaving a 1 1/8” cut channel compared to the 2” diameter of the original CrossbowX, the Hypodermic’s extreme penetration power pays off with better blood trails. The stainless steel ferrule also withstands abuse that would destroy lesser aluminum or plastic models.

For hunters demanding every advantage punching through obstructive tissue and dense bone on large game, the Hypodermic drops the hammer with authority out to farther ethical shooting distances.


  • Penetrates deeper through bone
  • Optimized for heavy arrow FOC
  • Slicing blade angles leave efficient wound channel
  • Withstands high-velocity abuse


  • Lesser tissue damage than 2″ cuts
  • Premium pricing

Bottom Line: Specialized bone-busting broadhead built exclusively for heavy crossbow arrows.

Final Takeaways on Rage Crossbow Broadheads

Rage cemented itself as the go-to crossbow broadhead manufacturer by solving arrow flight and penetration shortcomings of traditional archery heads. Innovations like Shock Collaring, swept blades, and vented ferrules optimize heads for the challenges modern crossbow hunters face.

Mechanical and cut-on-contact models leave no question about reliability with Rage’s proven designs. Consider your personal preferences for factors like reliably repeated sharpness versus raw bone-shattering power. Components like stainless steel ferrules versus aluminum and blade counts also impact longevity and wound channels.

While premium priced, Rage Crossbow broadheads deliver unmatched penetration power, accuracy and ultimately ethical killing capability. They live up to the hype unequivocally. Any of these three heads ultimately generates more successful harvest opportunities – and that’s what hunting is all about!