How accurate is a crossbow at 100 yards

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This is an interesting question that was posed to me by a friend during my search for a new crossbow.  To be completely honest, I really didn’t care much because I would personally not try to take any game down with a crossbow over 50 yards max. Hell, the realty is I’m probably only good out to 30 yards. But nonetheless, I had to prove that a crossbow could be deadly accurate.

Considering the factors!

Many factors play a role i determining the accuracy of any weapons trajectory.  Being an ex-Army soldier I know you have to adjust for wind, distance of the target, weight of the actual object your firing, the quality of your scope and the person who will be firing the weapon. In this case we are looking at Crossbows.

Accuracy Test Performed

The was a test done by the owner of Velocitip and it seems you can definitely fire a crossbow over a 100 yard range with awesome accuracy. He determined that the distance would cause a 10 foot or more drop in the arrow and took about 1 second to get to the target. This test was done with a 417 grain arrow and a bowtech 360.

So we see that this is possible and moreover very good results. That a 100 yard shot hit its target with deadly accuracy. This was also done under testing conditions but would definitely be able to be performed by a seasoned shooter. There are multiple factors to account for on an individual basis and I would be hard pressed to say that it would be worth a shot during an actual hunting season. However, the advancements in technology and the better the equipment gets, this may become the norm and afford greater game hunting opportunity.

I feel at this stage of the game it would be too risky of a shot to take in a wooded area. The arrow may find its way into a tree or if the weather is not quite right it may hit the ground under the weight of say snow fall. The point to the article here is that I found that a cross bow with over 300+FPS is deadly accurate at 100 yards and makes for a decent hunting weapon if given the right conditions.

In conclusion, the accuracy of a crossbow is definitely dependent. My personal experience is that I am deadly accurate on a beautiful day with no wind and no obstruction of view out to about 70 yards. Any further than that and my accuracy drops. This doesn’t say much since I am new to the crossbow and and I can only get better but I imagine I will never take a shot at a deer further then 30 yards away so I feel confident in my ability.

If your looking to test your accuracy, then you can check out some targets on amazon. I have the Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target and it works well.