How to hunt a deer with a bow?

Archery or bow hunting is not only restricted to the tournament or competition but its main purpose is to hunt the animals such as whitetail deer or deer. People are so intimate regarding this adventure. They have a specific hobby of deer hunting and then enjoy that meal.

No matter whether you are equipping the recurve bow, compound bow, or the most advanced crossbow. The hunting expertise depends upon your experience. Archery season includes plenty of time starting from the start of autumn till the end of that season. However, deer hunting does not prohibit a single factor but some other elements affect it. The article is specially written for those who are keenly interested in deer hunting and take it as a passion.

People usually estimates that if they are good in archery tournament then they would target the deer. But it is not true all the time as deer hunting does not only depend upon the experience but also several tactics that one should keep in mind during deer hunting. Here we will discuss them one by one.

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Deer hunting as a primitive adventure:

How to hunt a deer with a bow?


If we study the fossils of about 15 to 30 million years ago the antler shedding the ancestors of our modern deer proved to be the best hunting animal for purpose of the meal. The data declares that though they are gone through several changes still they are proving favorites for hunting among different animals.

To hunt them without mourning you must know the tricks and most importantly the vital parts of a deer that will put him to death instantly. As your significant aim is not to injure the deer, leave it for pain. You must hit the part so that there will be no chance for the deer to be alive.

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Play a smart game:

You must be careful regarding your identity. The deer must not guess your presence before you shoot him. So it is very critical to secretly spy on a deer. Do not scare him before your shoot or by making extra awkward noise.

Using the trial camera can be beneficial in this regard. Similarly, don’t be hustled while going outside for deer hunting. Examine the route and area of deer so by fixing the camera on different places observe them regularly and wait for the right time. You must have plenty of patience to avoid hunting while you are watching the deer on your camera recording.

Prepare yourself before the start of the season as planning will give you more fruit than experience. Besides preparing your bow and arrow you must take a look at the route deer usually chooses. For this, you have some knowledge like which meal you usually deer love to eat. As they fancy some sugary fruits. So you try to go to the place where such fruits are available.

It is hard to shoot the deer via a shooting gun as it makes the environment unpleasant with the unavoidable, useless and irritating band. the deer as well as other animals would be aware of your presence. But if you are a pro expert in this field then you can try it.

Some technical tricks you must avail:

How to hunt a deer with a bow?


Hunting hours:

Unbelievably, deer are not like humans as they obey different routes on different occasions, so it is hard to predict them earlier. Some might even claim that they intentionally keep a difficult one for the hunter. You’ll have to adjust to them because you can’t expect them to change to accommodate your needs, such as when you want to take a rest or go hunting, that is your business, not theirs. that’s why before shooting you must be aware of their schedule, you need to be conscious of when the deer want to sleep or chase after during the rut (to produce offspring).

In reality, a successful hunt requires an awareness of the deer’s internal business of each and everything. One of the most important aspects of getting your kill is knowing when the deer are likely to move and when they’ll be lying down so you can go to your stand. adding another thing that you cannot bear the loss of time in this regard. find the appropriate time it is probably 10 minutes before the sun rises till the sun sets.

Understanding Deer Behavior and Sign:

you can go through bundles of articles available on several social media platforms regarding the behavior of deer. but their most common attribute is like humans they also need a sufficient amount of food to eat regularly and they need proper sleep to be healthy and swift.

They need to produce offspring like other animals so that they can enhance their race.

There has a good feature for hunters that they cannot move between woods without making a track or sign of their feet. so if you see the signs of deer running in the forest or between the woods consider it the best place for hunting them.

Compared to other people the woodsmen are the ones who know deer throughout as they are preoccupied with them and observe them in their daily routines. so they know how to read the track or footprints of deer that where he had gone and from where he has come probably. This expertise comes from the life experience and analysis of this creature. however, asking the woodmen about deer can help you in hunting them.

the dear can make its track on any place on the matter whether it is dirt or frosty area with tones of snow and a sandy irregular path. to guess where the tree is heading you should keenly observe the hooves or signs on the track.

some tracks are wider including buck tracks and some of them are too slender such as doe tracks. you must observe the hooves on a particular track, if you are consistently watching the signs it means it is the favorite place for deer to run.

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Boost Scent Control Efforts

reducing the scent of your appearance is an essential task that one should acknowledge. so in this regard, a tree stand is somehow applicable equipment but it is unable to minimize your smell completely. however, hunting from the ground enhances the chances of your smell approaching the deer. to avoid it completely keep in mind that your clothes do not bear any kind of fragrance or perfume. people usually sweat while hunting due to hot weather and the unavoidable stress of hunting. you must avoid sweat as it also contains a sufficient type of odor. keep a handkerchief along with you so that you can swipe it after a few minutes. Moreover, do not take the additional stress of hunting to avoid sweat. also include the weather, do not hunt in extremely hot weather.

Use A Tree Stand

if you are a beginner and start hunting then it has maximum chances for you to escape the deer. as they are very quick in senses. because it is easy to detect movement in the ground. even the sound of your taking breath has also some influence in this regard. however, hunting with the aid of a tree stand can reduce the risk of escaping the deer. that is the reason master hunters usually recommend it. there are several key benefits of choosing the tree stand before hunting. For ample, targeting the deer from an upward direction is quite easy than ground level. as you can see the whole scenario over the tree. some of them allow you to take a back shot easily. moreover, having comfortable seat makes you capable of deer hunting. by using it you can analyze the movement and can watch the animal far away.

Learn to Walk slowly:

Hustle is your worst enemy in hunting the deer. Never run to stalk the deer as it is obvious that you cannot match the speed of the deer. So keep calm and play a smart game. Your voice should be negligible even if you should minimize your sound of breathing and walk. Try not to step on a bush or thorn as they make some voice which is enough for a deer to be cautious. Wear shoes that do not make much noise. Take slow steps and slightly transfer your weight from your toe to your feet. This walking method also called fox walking

Where to Shoot a Deer with a Bow:

How to hunt a deer with a bow?


Each shot you want to take on the deer or any other animal must be on the heart, lungs, or another significant organ. and you can achieve the target if you have some practice in this regard. Hit between the shoulder blade and the last rib of the animal as it contains the lungs or heart. as you are an ethical hunter you must consider the morals of hunting don’t hit the organ on which there is no confirmation of instant death without severe pain.

The right-in-the-shoulder-crease shot placement is frequently recommended by typical shooting guidance, however, this gives you no space for error.

Understanding the area, the lungs occupy behind the shoulder and ribcage is a better option. On a broadside deer, you have room to aim 4 to 5 inches back from the shoulder crease, increasing the margin of error. A couple of extra inches are not a huge deal. If you lean back a few inches, either the liver or the end of the lungs, or both, will be clipped.

That depends on how high you want to shoot. To properly understand this, imagine that you are constructing an equator between the northern and southern hemispheres by drawing an imaginary line through the center of the deer’s body.

Don’t take an inappropriate shot:

our aim is not to give a wound to any animal such as deer. don’t be inhuman while hunting. as some hunters shoot at an inappropriate time or fail to hit the vital organ. so that the deer remain alive while mourning with severe pain until he dies pitiably. some influencers say that you should never avoid taking a shot no matter how much appropriate it is. but this is bullshit we must consider the pain an animal bears after encountering an arrow or bullet.

Here are some shots you must avoid while targeting the deer. these include;

  • Texas heart shot
  • Full frontal shot
  • Headshots
Texas heart shot:

No need to shoot the deer if it is facing its back to you so that only its tail is visible to you. And if you want to target that part you must ensure that this will kill the deer. Although this part contains many complicated arteries, blood-filled muscles that when hit will die. But still, this dumb shot can injure him for several days leaving the animal mourning with the severity of pain.

Full frontal shot:

Full Frontal: Frontal shots are a hot topic among hunters in the elk community. This is because elk are larger than whitetail deer and are typically killed at ground level. The majority of deer are shot from a height and weigh between 25% and 30% of an elk. A frontal shot has a limited margin for error because the deer will almost certainly be looking at you (clearly), and a tiny error at the instant of the impact causes a serious issue that is unlikely to be fixed.


Never try to hit the head of the deer as it is a very small part of the deer’s body a few centimeters in length if your shot miss

es the target point then the whole scene would be so pitiable that you hardly could watch it. It can result in a blown of the jaws of the deer or the arrow can have stuck inside the head or eye of the deer. If you still want to take a such bad shot, then it would be better for you to change your passion as you are not made for this.


Concluding the whole discussion, while hunting you must aware of the deer route and habits. Moreover, your weapon of hunting must be sharp so that the deer would get minimum pain. You need to focus on some basic tips that are discussed above so that you make your hunting adventure pleasant.

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