Best guide to hunting a turkey with a bow?

Hunting is an adventurous, though skillful, passion. And when it comes to hunting a turkey, it demands more perfection, as turkeys are the most attentive and conscious creatures, ready to escape if they find anything unnatural in their surroundings. However, if you have sufficient knowledge about hunting them and their essence while wandering in the woods, you can easily target them.

Although, hunting turkeys with a gun is somehow different from bow hunting. Nevertheless, both of these hunters must learn the tricks.

As we mentioned above, turkeys are cautious. However, calling them is an entertaining tactic. To call them, you can use the equipment or follow the old-fashioned way. It is fun to call the male turkey (the tom or gobbler) in a turkey’s voice, and he will surely respond to you.

Before hunting turkeys with the bow, you don’t need to spend your credit card on purchasing new equipment. You can use the same equipment for hunting other animals like deer.

The best season for hunting turkeys is spring, which is also prime for breeding.

Besides this knowledge, you must follow certain tactics that we are going to discuss in this blog.

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1. Planning before hunting:

Best guide to hunting a turkey with a bow?


The hunt is not what most people expect. It is not that a hunting adventure pops up in your mind and you go into the woodland to stalk. And when the talk comes to turkeys, hunters need to be more professional because of their keen observations and eye-catching abilities.

Observe their activities for almost two to three days, their routes, and the breeding season. It would be best if you planted a camera in different places for thorough analysis.

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2. Hide your presence:

Best guide to hunting a turkey with a bow?


It is hard to escape from a turkey’s eyes, which are very sharp to see a hunter. They have specific 300-degree sight with receptiveness to different colors. You must conceal yourself in the bushes or woods to avoid being a visible presence to them.

Camouflage appearance:

The most appropriate and recommended way in this regard is to wear a camouflage suit. You will excellently merge into the herbs and woods so that the turkey will fail to see you.

Use of ground blinds:

Invest your money in blinds. There are several kinds of blinds available in archery stores. However, to target turkeys, the ground blind would be the best choice.

While hunting a turkey, the most challenging phase is to draw a bow while concealing it completely. Hence, the ground blind provides you with this facility. Different categories of blinds are available besides the ground blind, which provides the hunter with concealment as well as perfection in this regard.

3.  What is the appropriate distance to target the turkey?

Best guide to hunting a turkey with a bow?


Well, it is the most important question that inexperienced hunters usually neglect. You must know the accurate distance in this regard. Because of the bundle of feathers on their skin, targeting beyond 40 yards is not possible. Likewise, hitting inside 20 yards can damage the meat so badly that it would be difficult to cook it.

4. Arrows and broadheads:

Best guide to hunting a turkey with a bow?


Killing a turkey at 7 to 8 inches with a sharp steel broadhead is fine. Several arrows are present in the market. It is not a hard and fast rule that you must choose a 7-to-8-inch long arrow. The one that is convenient for you will be the best choice.

Whichever arrow you select, just practice with it several times so that you will never miss the shot at the spot. Moreover, the practice will provide you with confidence.

Two main categories of arrow broadhead include;

Fixed blade and mechanical blade broadhead:

Use it for ethical hunting, if you want to equip it to hit the vital organ you need to practice with it until you get command in operating them.

Guillotine style broadhead:

Broadheads in the guillotine style are created expressly for shooting at a turkey’s head or neck. They come in a variety of cutting sizes that go as broad as 4.5 inches. When these broadheads make contact with a turkey’s neck or head, the kill is clean and swift. A hunter is likely to miss completely without hurting the bird if the neck and head are missed. Guillotine broadheads frequently lose their effectiveness after one shot and are only accurate up to 20 yards.

5. Why not target the turkey’s head?

Best guide to hunting a turkey with a bow?


You must be a master at hunting if you want to get the head of a turkey. As they always jolt their heads, it is hard to target them. If you slightly miss the head point, your chances of losing the whole target will increase as they will alert you after the first shot.

6. What is the mystery behind successful shots?

Best guide to hunting a turkey with a bow?


Practice and practice: It is not practical to just go into the woods and start hunting. If you successfully hunt any animal or bird, especially turkeys, in your very first attempt, then it would be nothing less than a miracle. For accuracy and precision, you need to practice shooting the bow on target.

It’s not fine to just hit the turkey. Because your goal is to kill the animal, not injure it so that it lives in excruciating pain. Your target must be to kill the bird. For this purpose, you have to target its vital organs of it. Which, in the case of turkeys, is not a cup of tea as all parts are too small to target.

What is your hunting specialty?

Best guide to hunting a turkey with a bow?


Besides hunting within 40 to 20 yards, as we discussed above, every hunter has a specific range of shooting. You should be aware of it in this regard. After knowing the perfect distance, you need to close the turkey slightly.

Can you hunt a turkey with a crossbow?

Crossbows are the most advanced form of hunting. It is more than perfect for hunting with it. It contains a scope, which allows you to target the bird with more accuracy and precision. Having sufficient power to hit the vital parts of turkeys makes it an excellent hunting tool. However, you must take care of the accessories and maintenance of the crossbow as it requires a routine examination.

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